Like many of the Sunday school classes at First United Methodist Church, we strive to serve our members by providing a supportive community for one another. One thing that makes our class unique is the mix of ages. Having a mix of generations in our class makes us more like family. Our more experienced members encourage us with their wisdom and perspective while our younger members provide energy and vitality. Our class is made up of married couples and single individuals. As members of this class, we strive to support one another through the challenges that come with each stage of life.

Several members of our class explain that the welcoming, informal atmosphere is what attracted them to Trinity. Our class is structured to be inclusive; for example, we sit around a large table which is conducive to discussion. Our class chooses Bible based curriculum by various Christian authors, and willing members take turns teaching.

Trinity supports the ministries of our larger church family. In addition, some of our own past and current projects include Laundry Love, organizing Methodist Market, supporting Reelfoot Rural Ministries, and adopting a family at Christmas. As members, we also share needs in our community as we become aware of them, thus working to fulfill Christ’s directive to love our neighbors as ourselves. Finally, we strive to minister to each other by regularly attending class and social gatherings throughout the year.

We hope you will come and visit our class. As members of First United Methodist Church, we realize the importance of worship and being part of the ministry of our church. However, we also recognize the importance of being in a smaller community where we get to know, love, serve, and support one another in our faith journey.

Focus: couples and singles, mixed ages

Class Times: 9:00 - 9:45 AM

Location: Adult Education Wing #210