This class is comprised of a wide range of ages from 40's to 60's; however, any and all are welcome. We are a laid back class that enjoys a lot of laughs but will lend support and love in serious times. Our time together on Sunday mornings consists of Bible lessons, videos, discussions or guest speakers. The variety of lessons is a unique approach that results in offering something for everyone.

This class enjoys and welcomes open comments and opinions during class. We believe it is important for a class to know each other and be in tune with everyone's joys and sorrows. The open atmosphere allows for such relationships to exist.

Sojourners is also a mission minded class. Projects throughout the community are planned on a regular basis. This is a class that enjoys rolling up their sleeves and working together. There are socials and dinners that are planned throughout the year, but a bond is formed when you are in service together in Christ.

If a comfortable and service minded class full of love and laughter is what you are looking for, this is the class for you. Come visit anytime!

Focus: spare and pairs, mostly mid-lifers

Class Times: 9:00 - 9:45 AM

Location: Youth Education Wing Room #215