We would be delighted to have you attend one of our wonderful Sunday School classes. The Sunday School program begins at 9:15 a.m. and involves every age group.

A class for older teens and younger adults with special needs.

This class was organized about 1947 as the Young Adult Class and taught by Robert S. Sellers. The Class name was changed to the "Sellers Class" when Mr. Sellers agreed that we could use his name if the emphasis and mission of the class would be "To Sell Christ to Others" rather than honoring his name. The group is made up of mostly older adults with a wide range of backgrounds and interests. We invite you to join us in the Sellers Class Room, located across from the chapel, and become a part of an active, alive, caring group as we strive to Sell Christ to Others.

Seekers are a diverse group of young to middle age adults seeking the realistic truth to handling daily life, while keeping our faith first. Single, married and with children of all ages, seekers bring a variety of gifts, talents and struggles to the table. We are there to support each other and provide a Christian family foundation.

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When one looks up Acts 29, one finds the premise for our class--living, ministering, serving, reaching for Christ. The teaching format is a monthly rotation with topics ranging from Bible study to practical application in our current world. Our class strives to utilize our talents and resources in kingdom building ways whether we are calling bingo at Wesley Homes, visiting shut-ins, or supporting local ministries such as Salvation Army, Union Mission, Reelfoot Rural Ministries, Upward Basketball, and Transitions. We also enjoy socializing in caring fellowship. We welcome all ages, in spares or in pairs, with a heart for learning and applying the principles of the Christian walk.

Verse-by-verse Bible Studies.

Our lessons are Bible based and explore contemporary issues that we all face. Most of our members are retired or ready to retire in the next few years but the class is open to anyone wanting to become part of our church class. We are a mixture of new comers to the community and people who have grown up in the Dyersburg area. Members share responsibility for teaching or obtaining teachers. We are committed Christians learning to live as Christ wants us to live. We love to socialize together and welcome all that come. We feel like family and welcome anyone into our family.

A group comprised of varying ages and marital status. Lessons consist of chapter by chapter study of the Bible. Fellowship activities are planned outside the Sunday School hour.

"Koinonia" is a Greek term which means "communion or fellowship." What began in 1973, as a class for young adults is now one of the longest-running Sunday School clases at Dyersburg First United Methodist Church. While we still like to think of ourvselves as "young adults,' the average age is around 65. From the beginning of Koinonia, two requirements for membership have been in place: (1) Class members must be married, single or divorced and (2) One must attend at least once.

Like many of the Sunday school classes at First United Methodist Church, we strive to serve our members by providing a supportive community for one another. One thing that makes our class unique is the mix of ages. Having a mix of generations in our class makes us more like family. Our more experienced members encourage us with their wisdom and perspective while our younger members provide energy and vitality. Our class is made up of married couples and single individuals. As members of this class, we strive to support one another through the challenges that come with each stage of life.

This class is comprised of a wide range of ages from 40's to 60's; however, any and all are welcome. We are a laid back class that enjoys a lot of laughs but will lend support and love in serious times. Our time together on Sunday mornings consists of Bible lessons, videos, discussions or guest speakers. The variety of lessons is a unique approach that results in offering something for everyone.