Dear Dyersburg FUMC Family, 

I am excited to share with you that we will be worshiping together on Sunday, April 5 at 10:00am, drive-in style! That’s right! When you drive into the upper parking lot, you will be directed to a parking spot where you will be able to turn on your radio and worship from the comfort of your own car! If you are unable to worship with us drive-in style, don’t worry—we’ll still be making the service available in other ways, too. 

We had originally planned to celebrate Holy Communion on Sunday, but since it would require passing items from person to person we decided to forego it this week. We do, however, plan to celebrate it the following week, on Easter Sunday, which will also be drive-in worship. Rather than passing out elements on Easter Sunday, we want you to bring your own with you to worship. You might bring sandwich bread, saltines, or even oyster crackers. If you want to bake your own bread, that’s awesome, and if you want to want to grab whatever you have in your pantry, that’s perfect too. If you don’t have grape juice at home, don’t feel like you need to buy any—bring whatever drink is available to you. And if you only have one but not the other—bread but no juice, or juice but no bread—bring whatever you have. It’s still Communion! 

One of the other things we hope you’ll consider doing for Easter Sunday is to “flower” your car. Feel free to decorate it in all its Easter glory as we remember God’s ultimate defeat over death with the power of life that springs forth even when we least expect it! 

There will not be restrooms available at drive-in worship, and we ask that you please stay in your cars with the windows rolled up (unless you need to crack them a bit for fresh air). We are still maintaining appropriate physical distance during worship, while also being able see each other and wave! 

At this moment, we have only made concrete plans as far out as Easter Sunday, but we do know that we will be suspending in-person worship and meetings in the church building at least through April 26. So please continue to let us know your needs and the needs of your neighbors, and stay tuned as we continue to communicate the ways that we will worship together and be the church for our neighbors even while we’re physically distant. 

In sure and certain hope that Christ overcomes all things that separate us, Mary Beth