Dear Dyersburg FUMC Family, 

Do you remember your first Bible? I don’t remember the first Bible that I ever used, but I do remember the first Bible that I ever picked out. It was the prettiest white Precious Moments Bible with pastels on the front. The inside was filled with sweet, tear-drop eyed boys and girls, and encouraging messages. I don’t have that Bible anymore, but I still remember it and how proud I was to have it. I loved opening it and reading it, even when I didn’t understand what I was reading. 

This Sunday our third-grade students will be receiving Bibles from the congregation. On the outside they will look different from my first Bible, and likely from yours, but the inside will contain the same story: the story of God who joyfully created us, entered into relationship with us, and sent his son Jesus to show us with his own life just how much God loves us. Some of the stories are intimidating, some of the names hard to pronounce, but it is worth puzzling through stories and stumbling over names to embrace God’s big story of love and mercy for us. 

You will also notice this Sunday two quilts hanging on the altar rail. These are lovingly made by our Prayer Quilt Ministry Team and are gifted to folks within and without our congregation who could use an extra reminder of God’s love and the power of the prayers that surround them. You are invited to come to the rail at any time before or after the service, or during our prayer time during worship, to offer your own prayers for the recipients of the quilts. We know that even though we might not know the names of those who will receive them, the Holy Spirit works through the prayers that we offer. 

It is a joy to worship and serve with all of you!
Committed to our covenant to love God and love neighbor! 

Mary Beth