When In Our Music God Is Glorified” 

Greetings from Lake Junaluska! Many have heard or have been here, so you know firsthand how breathtaking the scenery is. This place is holy ground. There is a sense of wonder here, of mysteriousness, a sense of the Holy. I am learning lots of fun and exciting things that I think will benefit us, particularly in worship and I cannot wait to get back and begin sharing with you. 

I am reminded of something that happened in Sunday school a few weeks ago. I have been teaching in the Sojourners class for a few weeks; our discussion has been worship. At the beginning, we were discussing worship in general (not just FUMC Dyersburg, but churches in general). We discussed components of worship... how we worship, how others worship, what are “essentials” to ‘make it worship.’ It was really interesting to see the answers that they gave! We then shifted our focus to how we as a congregation worship. As we talked, we discussed “new things” that have been introduced in our worship services. Yes, I know, it is difficult to learn a new song! But when we do, we expand our repertoire which ultimately enhances our worship experience. 

All of this to say, as I left Sunday school last week I told them this: as you enter the sanctuary this morning, open your hearts and minds to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that you might hear a word from God this morning, perhaps in a new way. 

This is my prayer for all of us, that we might open our hearts to new possibilities and allow God to move in our lives and through our worship. 

Grace and Peace, Dakota