Glimpses of Grace and Truth...I want to go back to something I briefly mentioned Sunday: the difference between a dead hero and a Living Lord. We all know the names of many dead heroes like Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa, Martin Luther and Martin Luther King, Jr., national military leaders and local school teachers. For each one of those, we remember things they said, what they did and even pass on their wisdom to others. We might even have a day set aside to remember them. But Easter was meant to be a day set aside, not for a dead hero, but for the Living Lord.

I spent thirty years being a good man—loved my wife, believed in God and even Jesus, even Christmas as his birthday and Easter as special day. But I also had my “I Love Me” wall, you know the one where you hang up your diplomas and awards, those pictures of yourself with important people, those trophies of life. By the age of 30, I had accomplished every goal I had ever set: great career, beautiful wife, first-born son, beautiful home and more money than most people twice my age were making. But back when Sylvia got pregnant with our first son, we decided that maybe we needed to get into a church. And so we did. But for a while we were just church goers. Then we got into this Methodist church down in South Germantown. We got involved in a SS class and we discovered that the resurrected Jesus was real for these people. We saw Easter People Who Were the Church. Not Easter People Who Went to Church. 

Our world has too many people who see Easter as the day they just have to go to church. After all, it is the day that everyone else goes to church so if we’re going to claim the name Jesus, we have to show up for church on Easter. But Jesus did not come to this world for just that; he did not teach that; he did not live for that; and he did not die for that. He came, he taught, he lived, he died and he was resurrected so we would be those Easter people who are the Church every day of the year. 

It was at that church and in that Sunday School class, almost thirty years ago, that I finally realized just how good this news really was. I knew that I needed to share it with the world through Christ’s Church. I am talking about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and the fact that your faith in that event and the God who did it is the difference between death and life, hell and heaven. It is the good news that says “Jesus is risen and that changes everything...both now and forevermore.” 

Sincerely glad to serve the Living Lord alongside YOU: Ed, Will and the First UMC Family