“When In Our Music God Is Glorified” 

On Jordan’s stormy banks I stand And cast a wishful eye 

To Canaan’s fair and happy land,
Where my possessions lie.
I am bound for the promised land,
I am bound for the promised land;
O who will come and go with me? I am bound for the promised land. 

Samuel Stennett, a respected and influential preacher in the late 18thcentury, was classified as a Dissenter in England. Although he was considered a dissenter from the Church of England, he was a well respected Baptist minister in Exeter, England; Stennett was also considered a personal friend of King George III. Stennett wrote this beloved evangelical hymn, first titled “Heaven Anticipated.” Anticipation has always been an important characteristic of God’s people. In the Old Testament as well as the New Testament, there are numerous examples of anticipation, hope and longing. Particularly in the New Testament, there is a glorious hope of one day sharing eternity with our Savior. This hymn is one of many examples of hymnody written with eternity in mind. It first appeared in 1787 in John Rippon's Selection of Hymns. The southern tradition of singing this hymn, often sung early on in camp meetings and brush arbors, is to pronounce Jordan as Jerdan. Full of faith, ever singing, I am bound for the promised land, may we be! See you Sunday. 

Grace and Peace, Dakota