Glimpses of Grace & Truth...Some time back, I injured a finger on my right hand. After several days of the pain getting worse, I finally went to see a friend who is a hand specialist. There was nothing visible on the outside of my hand indicating it was hurt—not a bruise, not a cut, nothing suggesting an injury. But the pain I felt inside made it clear something was wrong. My friend used one of those state-of-the-art digital X-Ray machines, and within minutes, we could see on the inside of my hand the injuries that weren’t visible on the outside. 

Finally getting a proper diagnosis was helpful, but the looming problem was that injuries like this have no quick and easy fix. The only solution was time and attention. The time was 6-8 weeks, maybe more. The attention was me being sure I did nothing that might strain it more. If I did just as the doctor ordered, my hand would gradually heal itself (bones and tendons are some of the many places where healing naturally occurs under the right conditions). 

There was another ingredient to my healing. Because it would take a couple months, and since I had to continue using that hand, my friend gave me something called a Buddy Brace. Buddy Brace is almost like a piece of special tape that linked my injured finger to the finger beside it, essentially tying the two together. It made them like they were one finger. Because of the Buddy Brace, the injured finger relies on the good one for strength, stability and support. After 7-8 weeks, it was better. Much better. Out of curiosity, I asked my friend how they knew it would work so well. My friend said that a whole lot of training plus many years of experience, and many successes with patients having similar injuries, have taught her what works and what doesn’t.

Our Church Family needs some Buddy Braces. Some of us have experienced painful injuries over the past few months. Some things torn. Some things fractured, some broken. While these injuries are usually invisible on the outside, the pain inside won’t go away. I wonder who needs you as their Buddy Brace in the coming weeks/months. Our Small Groups/Sunday School classes are meant to help you “brace” each other. Our Congregational Care Team, pastors and staff, try hard to help brace us. But some of those need a Buddy Brace right now. We pray that all of us who have been injured lately will find the strength and support you need for full healing. And we pray that you will notice others whose almost invisible injuries are calling you to be their Buddy Brace in the days ahead. Look forward to seeing you in worship Sunday. 

Sincerely in Christ: Ed, Will and the First UMC Family