“When In Our Music God Is Glorified” 

Did you know? 

Did you know that our organ turned 95 this year? That’s right, our organ was installed 95 years ago! Although the organ has been a part of the FUMC family for such a long time, I would wager that not much is known about it. Our organ is a pipe organ; the sounds you hear each Sunday come from pipes. These pipes are made from several materials such as wood and metal. Our organ contains several hundred pipes ranging in size from 16 feet to one inch. All of the pipes are housed in a chamber, a closet-like room, behind the choir loft. 

The actual organ is not where you sit to play, but rather in the chamber. The place where the organist sits to play is referred to as the console. Our console contains three keyboards played with the hands, and a pedal board which is played with the feet. Organists wear special shoes made from suede that assist in playing the pedals. There is really a lot going on at the console that you don’t often get to see! 

It is remarkable that our beautiful organ has served this congregation faithfully for 95 years, but alas, it is beginning to show its age. Many repairs need to be made to ensure that our organ will live another 95 years. If you would like to contribute in some way to ensure the proper care of our beloved organ, you may do so through our organ fund. 

Let every instrument be tuned for praise! Let all rejoice who have a voice to raise! And may God give us faith to sing always Alleluia! In all that we do, may God be exalted and glorified. 

Grace and Peace, Dakota