Glimpses of Grace & Truth...When was the last time you worked on a puzzle? I don’t mean your teenager. Though teens can be puzzling, what I’m talking about is the puzzles in a box with a certain number of pieces (maybe 6-10 for kids, or thousands for adults). Whether your puzzle is ten pieces or two thousand, the most common problem is the missing piece. It leaves a gap, a hole showing that the puzzle is incomplete. Life is often like a puzzle. There are times when all the pieces come together, but many more times when something seems missing. Maybe it’s as obvious as the dearly loved spouse who made it to heaven before us, or that child, friend, or loved one who simply died too soon. But life has other pieces missing like being raised in a good home (or even having a home); being in a marriage that’s little more than roommates;

maybe its that “dead-end job;” a boss who doesn’t care; the teacher or coach who cares more about a score than they do the student trying so hard to score well; maybe it is the car that won’t start or the illness that won’t go away; maybe the fridge that’s too empty or the utility bill that means the checking account is too empty... The list goes on and on of all the places that make clear our life has some missing pieces.      

                                                                                                                                 page1image66690160               image.png

I am confident that Jesus called the Church into being so that, when we are functioning well, we help fill in those missing pieces of peoples’ lives. We offer holistic relationships, creating this eternal family of God, even a “holy communion,” where everyone is loved, embraced and accepted. We offer tangible assistance to help when utility bills are bigger than bank balances (Thursday assistance); give rides to those whose wheels don’t turn or whose eyes can’t drive (helpful soles & souls); extend
counsel to help navigate/bridge over gaps in families,
relationships, work, play and school; and most
importantly, we give out abundantly the love, grace
and hope of Christ to every human heart that has
finally realized that gap will be filled in no other way.
The Church has such an important, and very sacred,
mission to help heal a broken world.
Then sometimes the Church has gaps, holes needing to be filled. We pray for leaders to sense God’s call and step up to help lead and serve. We hope for teachers who’ll show grace and love so all generations will know, love, serve , and share Christ. We ask for other resources, like financial support to pay our utility bills and to pay our staff who have their own utility bills every month. We seek out the wisdom and counsel of Godly leaders who come to help our leaders be their very best (like this Saturday’s training when we’ll borrow the talents from a sister church who’ll equip our leaders). We yearn for gaps to be filled week after week, Sunday after Sunday, when so many are somewhere else besides worship or Sunday School, Small Group or serving others. We hope you always know that Christ’s people in the Church are here to help fill in the gaps of your life. We hope you’ve found your place where Christ uses you to do the same for others. We hope to see you Sunday, and bring a friend who has some gaps.              


Sincerely in Christ’s service: Ed, Will & the First UMC Family