When In Our Music God Is Glorified 

Christmas Is Coming! We’re supposed to be happy, aren’t we? 

Yes, but in our daily lives and in our worship, we should not let Christmas intrude on Advent, which begins four Sundays before Christmas Day and ends on Christmas Eve.

Advent is the season in which we prepare to celebrate the coming of Christ by remembering the coming of the Messiah to the Jews and the coming of Jesus into the world at Bethlehem. And, we anticipate the second coming of Jesus in final victory and the continual coming of Jesus into the hearts and lives of believers. Advent is a time of penitence and fasting, austerity, seriousness, reading of Scriptures, hearing and proclaiming the Word in sermon and song as we wait and long for the Messiah’s coming. Advent is a season rich in tradition, symbolism, music, and liturgical practice. It has its own unique themes as well as those that point the way to Christmas. Before the season of Christmas, which begins on Christmas Day, we first need to observe the themes, practices, spirituality, history, traditions, symbols, and music of Advent. Without observing Advent in our personal lives and in our worship, we lose the richness and the benefit of experiencing the promise, longing, hope, and expectation that are the season of Advent. The world, television, and shopping malls have done all they can to convince us that Advent does not matter. It has no place in our culture, but our faith teaches us something very different. Come worship with us this Sunday as we light the second Advent candle which represents Peace. The second Sunday of Advent calls to remember that the baby born in Bethlehem, the Christ Child, brings us Peace. 

Shared with you by the FUMC Worship Team