Preparing for the return of Jesus 

“Then Jesus began by telling them: “Watch out that no one deceives you. Many will come in My name, saying, I am He, and they will deceive many.” Mark 13:5-6
Last week we looked at the promise of the return of Jesus. We talked about awaiting the return and LIVING in that promise. This week I want to look at the events that Jesus said are to come leading up to His return.

It is in these events that Jesus calls us to prepare for. We are to prepare by strengthening our faith. Jesus says that there are those that will try to deceive us, persecute us, and condemn us when we do not conform. How well we prepare while we are awaiting will bring peace and assurance when the persecution and condemnation grows stronger. Church family, I encourage you to grow in your faith, love your neighbor, and trust in Jesus this week. 

May you and your families have a blessed week, Brian, Mary, Brylee, Holland Funderburk