This Sunday, November 4, we have the opportunity to enter the Mission Field by donating our Communion Offering to Reelfoot Rural Ministries. For years our church has partnered with Reelfoot Rural Ministries to help meet specific needs of thousands of people here in West Tennessee. As Reelfoot celebrates its 55th anniversary, this seems a good time to look back at the numerous ways this mission-minded organization reaches out to improve the lives of our neighbors. 

Of course, we think of Reelfoot each Sunday morning when our children bring their offerings at Small Talk. Also, this time of year we begin collecting donations for the Reelfoot Christmas Store where needy families can fill out an application and shop for gifts for their children at a low cost. Over a thousand children and teenagers benefit from this service every year, and Reelfoot reaches out to give a caring hand to children in other ways as well. Each summer Reelfoot hosts a Back to School drive where parents can come and get the basic supplies their children need to be successful in school. School-aged children in Lake County also benefit from a Backpack Program similar to the one in Dyer County to help provide them with food on the weekends. Finally, younger children are cared for in Reelfoot’s daycare center where children receive high quality, affordable care that helps prepare them for primary education. 

Also, Reelfoot goes beyond ministry to children and helps people of all ages meet their basic needs through its grocery ministry and thrift store. In addition, Reelfoot provides emergency services and supplies to victims of fire, flood, tornado, and domestic assault. Senior citizens benefit from the Reelfoot Senior Center that hosts activities and a noon meal each weekday. Finally, Reelfoot operates Dental and Vision Clinics to provide these vital services to those who need it most and would probably not receive the services any other way. 

Reelfoot Rural Ministries has a long history of mission work right here in our backyard. To make sure this continues, the board is intentionally and strategically planning for the future to strengthen this ministry for the coming years. 

How can you support this amazing work? First, you can give a donation at our altar rail on Sunday. If you write a check, mark “Reelfoot Rural Ministries” on the memo line. Second, you can purchase books, toys, or sports equipment for children and teenagers and place them in our donation boxes. Soon there will be one box outside the back of the sanctuary, and a second box will be in the Fellowship Hall. Sunday, November 25 will be the cut-off for toy donations, so let’s all get busy, fill those boxes, and spread some Christmas love to one and all. 

Your Mission Team