“Because there is one loaf, we who are many, are one body because we all partake of the one loaf. The bread which we break is a sharing in the body of Christ.” 

These words frame the experience of World Communion Sunday. On Sunday, October 7th we will be richly reminded that Christ invites to his table all people who love him, repent of their sin, and seek to live in peace with one another. World Communion Sunday is a gathering at the Lord’s Table which bridges denominations and locations.

Rather than focusing on our denominational differences, on this Sunday, we will celebrate the gifts which our Lord gives to all of us and rejoice in our shared hope in Jesus Christ. 

We celebrate World Communion Sunday every year with other Christians here in our neighborhood, across the state and around the world. On this Sunday, our church will receive a special offering to support the educational and career goals of young men and women who have historically not had resources for higher education. For many minority students, especially those on the way toward becoming their family’s first generation to attend college or pursuing their God-given vocation, this offering gives them a chance. Mary Grace Galapon had labored as a housemaid for food and clothing until she found that her role in the UMC of the Philippines gave her the chance to pursue education. Now, as a Deaconess with higher education and calling, she battles poverty in her community. 

Those who receive scholarships study in a wide array of fields including not only ministry or family pastoral care, but also fields like clinical psychology, peace and governance. In fact, closer to home, many pursue an education so they can help their communities improve in areas like crop production and healthcare, the legal field or civic and rural development. Will you give generously on World Communion Sunday to make education and vocational impact possible for more students like Mary Grace? Will you equip gifted and qualified students from around the globe to become the world-changers God created them to be? 

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Because the people of The United Methodist Church believe that all of God’s children have been created and gifted to build the kingdom Jesus ushered in, we’re resourcing them to do just that. Because of your giving on World Communion Sunday, the tool to change the world is in one more set of hands, someone called to serve the One with nail-scarred hands. 

In God’s Service, The Mission Team