Glimpses of Grace and Truth...Over the last few decades, so many churches have fallen into one of three mistakes. First, many churches have offered a Drive-Thru faith, where all a person has to do is make a one-time decision that handles the rest of life, and eternity!! Other churches have become very consumer-driven, giving people everything they want which has drained small community churches and created

huge mega-churches which are the Wal-Mart of American Christianity. The last mistake resembles the second, but is what has created sort of a spectator-faith where I attend, watch, and occasionally applaud a good performance. This creates the idea that worship is something I "go to" instead of something I do and Church becomes a place I go instead of a person I am. As we discussed last Sunday, we must move First United Methodist Church back to where it was, and where Christ’s Church was always intended to be: First United Methodist Church must no longer be the place where you go to Church. We must return to being the place where you are the Church. 

This coming Sunday is a big day with lots of moving parts. We have a strong group of eight students finishing a spring of Confirmation classes who will be claiming this faith for themselves and committing to their own role in Christ’s Church. We are also celebrating our high school graduates who will take part in Senior Sunday. Senior Sunday, something our church has done for many years, is a way of saying to our Seniors “We as Christ’s Church are proud of who you, by God’s grace, have become...” It is also our way of saying to each other, “This is what we pledged to do many years ago at their Baptism and again at their Confirmation.” So we hope you will join us Sunday, to watch, listen and participate, to pray, praise and worship God. We hope you will notice that what we say and do are meant to show Christ’s Church at its very best (but also notice how it will also beg us as that Church to do a much better job). 

I want so much for us to move from being a church where we’re glad to catch a few Glimpses of Grace and Truth to becoming the Church where grace and truth abound. We must move our faith back into a prominent place in our lives, begin to make our marriages a faith-based marriage, our family a faith-based family, make our work, our play, our very lives to be the lives of faith-based people. Come join us Sunday as we worship our great God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and maybe hear about how those students and the rest of us can move back to being God’s very best as the Church. 

Sincerely glad to serve Christ alongside you: Ed and the First UMC Family