Christ’s Church serving among us...As we said last week, we want to highlight how well God is using so many gifted servants among us. This month, we’re going to focus on some of those servants who are usually in the background, quietly serving to ensure things stay on a good track. 

The team which, more than any, has been in the spotlight (or hot seat) this past month has been our Trustees team, which handles our Campus, Buildings and major assets. If you can recall a few weeks back when temperatures dipped to 1 degree (truly one degree), you likely noticed that we lost several HVAC units because of the very heavy workload. In addition to losing our Boiler (installed in 1963), we also lost three of the four HVAC units in our Family Life Center (installed 19 years ago) and we lost the heat chambers in four units in our Preschool/Education Building. Because of several factors, Trustees made the Preschool Building units Priority One, which meant the Preschool missed only two days. Because Trustees and Staff like Mr. Matthew had done so much homework 18 months ago, we were able to show that the four units on that building were 18 days shy of the end of a ten-year warranty. They were replaced at no cost (a savings of about $14,000). We would need that $14K because we had to pay for an expensive boiler and the three FLC units (total of about $75-80,000). As of this weekend, all the units are installed and working very well (with a minor adjustments here and there). While some churches are crippled, and occasionally closed, by events like this, our good leaders, a committed Staff, a few anonymous givers, and especially a great Savior have taken us through this very hard time without a very hard time. Here’s our FUMC Trustees: page1image3813632

Our Communications-Technology Team...This team helps us to not only communicate but communicate well. When the Federal Communications Commission recently announced that they had taken over the 600mhz bandwidth to sell, most people didn’t hear it, much less understand it. Our Comm-Tech Team explained that our wireless microphones will be obsolete in 24 months, and will be very expensive to replace unless we take action soon. By working with our audio/ video consultants, we were able to secure new, state-of-the-art mics and also save a couple thousand dollars from rebates that expire this Spring. We hope you’ve noticed that our Comm-Tech team has worked audio-video wonders to make worship more meaningful, but also to give us a 21st century website and more user- friendly eBlast email for newsletters and social media. Plus, for those unable to join us in person on Sundays, the team has enabled them to worship with us using the live-stream on their home computer. What a gift this team continues to be. 




We are so blessed to have great teachers in Sunday School, Salt & Light, Youth, and so many areas. We are so blessed to have good and Godly leaders serving serving everywhere from spotlights to behind the scenes. Have you found your place where God uses you to help others know, love, share and serve Christ? Join us soon and ask one of our leaders where your gifts can help. 

Sincerely in Christ: Ed