Quick but Crucial Glimpses of Grace and Truth … We know you ’ re busy with shopping, cooking, cleaning … and getting everything ready for the season. Yet part of our mission as the Church is reminding each other of the richer and deeper meanings of the holy - days. We have many opportunities to remind us all of why Advent and Christmas matter. 

First Sunday Communion on Second Sunday … After last Sunday ’ s great start to Advent — our Hanging of the Greens service and Consecration stewardship luncheon — you might have noticed we missed our normal First Sunday Communion. Whether you noticed or not, you will notice that this Sunday, December 10 th , we will share Holy Communion in worship. So join us as we break the bread and share the cup of Christ. 

Communion Offering … Our Communion Offering this month will go to local needs, right here in Dyersburg. Our Missions Team keeps us attentive to needs in some of the world ’ s most desperate places, like next summer ’ s trip to Tanzania, but they also help us meet needs here at home. Every Thursday afternoon, FUMC volunteers help local folks who ’ ve fallen on hard times. When someone ’ s utility bill is just a little more than they can pay, this team makes up the difference. When someone needs a bit more for their pantry, this team gives groceries. When someone needs some help paying the rent to keep a roof over their head, this team helps. In a day when most churches are unable to offer this service and most agencies battle declining budgets and fewer volunteers, this team ensures FUMC is actively meeting needs in our community. Your Communion Offering this Sunday goes 100% into the fund this team uses to meet those needs. Write your check to FUMC Pastor ’ s Discretionary Fund. I should say that I have gladly given full “ discretion ” to this team and their work. If you ’ d like to help or simply watch them work (Thursdays 12:30 - 3:30), I ’ m sure you ’ ll agree they love what they do because they ’ re trying their best to serve God and help those in need. 

New Small Group/Sunday School Class in the Works … Some of our leaders are exploring a new Sunday School class/small group for those in college or early career. On Sunday December 17 th , during the Sunday School hour, we ’ ll have our first meeting for those in college/early career (ages about 18 to 30) or for anyone interested in helping this group in faith. The group will meet on the main floor of our offices, in the office right beside the Nursery. This is one of those meetings where you ’ ll hear and be able to say, “ What if …” and “ If … then. ” That way, those who are a part of, or at least care much about this group are able to shape and form the group to best suit its unique needs. 

Other big events coming up include: Plum Pudding Festival Sunday evening, a Sunday morning Church Breakfast Potluck, Sunday night Lessons and Carols, FUMC Preschool Christmas program, and Upward Basketball/Cheer practices have begun (they need you), lots of Youth activities and special FUMC leadership events to start the new year. Check our newsletter or website for more details of these and other special events in the coming weeks. It seems pretty obvious that “ hustle and bustle ” also happens in the Church, but this is our way of helping all to hear, say and even sing, “ Oh come, Oh Come Emmanuel ” followed by “ O come let us adore him, Christ the Lord! ” 

Looking forward to a great Advent and Christmas season with you, Ed and the First UMC Family