We are celebrating this week an incredible anniversary in the life of our church. For 175 years this church that we call home has been a fixture in our community. For 175 years the members of FUMC Dyersburg have served, ministered, and witnessed to the community that God placed around it. My family and I have counted it a blessing to have served beside you these last few months.

The question I have been pondering this week is what will the 350th anniversary celebration look like? None of us celebrating this coming Sunday will be here to witness it, but for the 350th to even be a possibility each of us will play an important role. We as the church today are responsible to carry on the Great Commission, to make disciples through carrying the message of Jesus everywhere we go.

Celebrating the 175th Anniversary this week will be an amazing blessing and I for one am looking forward to it. Let us take this excitement and go change our community for Christ and set the bar for the next 175 years!

In Christ’s Love, Brian, Mary, and Brylee Funderburk