Dear Friends,

Do you wonder, as I do, how it is possible that October is just around the corner? This Sunday marks the beginning of October and World Communion Sunday. Those of you who are longtime members of the United Methodist Church will remember this Sunday being celebrated every year since your childhood. However, you may not be sure of the emphasis or focus of this Sunday.

Since 1971, United Methodist Churches have observed World Communion Sunday as a way to raise awareness and donations for racial and ethnic minorities who plan to serve in various avenues of ministry. In 2008 the General Conference coined the term “World Communion Scholars” to identify those who benefited from this ministry.

By providing scholarships for minorities in this country and around the world, the United Methodist Church is answering God’s call to be the catholic (universal) inclusive church. These scholarship programs are offered in this country and abroad, for undergraduate and graduate students.

One recipient of a World Communion Sunday scholarship is Ofelia Duldulao, a student at the University of the Philippines. She is preparing for a master ’ s degree in environmental education. Ms. Duldalao explains, “ I am not a scholar of just another agency. I am a scholar of the church, and I see myself working with the church and the community as long as I am able.”

Marcus Simmons is another World Communion scholar who is pursuing a doctoral degree from Indiana University. He plans to pursue a career as an educator and worship leader. Without the scholarship or the relationship with Global Ministries, he could not complete his doctoral studies.

These are just two examples of the many lives that are impacted by World Communion Sunday. Like the pebble in the pond, your donation creates ripples that provide positive influe nces in our world. Thank you for your gift on World Communion Sunday.

The Missions Committee