You know that this is a big year for our congregation. This year marks the 175th anniversary of the Methodist faith in Dyersburg, TN. We should be immensely proud of our heritage and all that we have accomplished in these years. We also should be looking forward the future, planning and strategizing where it is that we are going. There are many pieces coming together for the actual day appointed to celebrate our anniversary, which is Sunday, October 15 th. I hope that you will plan to be in worship that day. You will not want to miss it!

During morning worship on the 15 th , many exciting things will be happening. Bishop McAlilly will be preaching that morning; you will also see a film put together of various interviews of our members. These interviews will help “ tell our story. ” One over - arching theme for this entire celebration is This Is Our Story. As you watch the video, you will hear something particularly special to our church. You will hear us singing. That ’ s right! Us. During worship this coming Sunday, we will sing Blessed Assurance . Our wonderful sound technicians will be taking the voice recording of our singing and incorporating it into the video that is currently being produced. So, please plan to attend this Sunday so that you can be included in the taping, and plan to be at the celebration on October 15 th . This is our story, this is our song; Praising our Saviour, all the day long. You are apart of this story. We need you.

Grace and Peace, Dakota