Continued from a few weeks ago .... Why do we do what we do in worship? I am sure you have noticed that we no longer have an “Anthem” that the choir sings during worship. We have begun calling this “An Act of Praise.” Why have we done this? What difference does it make? Why do we have to change anything that we are doing? There’s nothing wrong with the way that we have done things in the past.

We should take a look into what it is that we do and the reason that we do so. When it comes to what the choir sings, we feel that it is more appropriate to call their music “An Act of Praise.” The choir, like myself, Lea, and Ed, are worship leaders. They assist in leading the congregation in the corporate worship of God. And, most every week, they sing a piece of music that they have worked on for several weeks. This isn’t a performance, but rather an offering of their voices to God. They do this on behalf of the congregation. Therefore, it is an act, as well as in Praise of our God. They offer to God praise on behalf of the congregation. It is my prayer that as you hear the choir sing, you may meditate on the words sung (printed in your Worship Guide for you to do so) and on the melody you hear. May word and melody draw you closer to your Maker as we gather for worship each week.

Grace and Peace, Dakota