Everyone loves a good story. Storytelling is deeply ingrained in us as humans. We have been captivated by stories since the beginning of time. Oral tradition passed on from generation to generation has been an integral part of sharing history. Sometimes however, the story doesn’t “add up” to our standards... or perhaps I should say that we are disappointed by the story. We look for a riveting plot line with great characters, action, and plot twist. It’s what makes a good story... but not always.

Often times, hymns have humble beginnings. That’s the case with Great Is Thy Faithfulness. This hymn, written in 1923, was penned by Thomas Obadiah Chisholm. Mr. Chisholm simply felt the “morning by morning realization of God’s personal faithfulness”. After writing this hymn, Chisholm sent the poem to Rev. W. M. Runyan, a pastoral musician connected with Moody Bible Institute. He wrote the music to go with this beloved text and said, “I prayed most earnestly that my tune might carry over its message in a worthy way...” Chisholm wrote more that 1200 poems, many of which are still used today Evangelical worship. I hope to see you in worship this week as we worship our Creator and Sustainer.

Grace and Peace, Dakota