Santo! Santo! Santo! How awesome was it that we sang Spanish this past Sunday. And what a great reminder of the Body of Christ. We worship with our sisters and brothers from across the globe. I hope that you enjoyed singing in Spanish this past Sunday, I know that I did. For many of you, I know that this was very different from anything that has been done here before, but remember that some change can be good. It’s a holy moment when you realize that we are truly worshipping with the global Body of Christ in their native language.

You may recall from the months past we have also used several different African instruments, mainly drums. These drums will make another appearance very soon. Remember that we worship the God of the universe. The God of all creation. The God of all people. There are many ways to worship this awe - inspiring God! I pray that you will be open to new ways of singing, worshipping, and praying, and allow the Holy Spirit to move in this place. Let us not grow weary in our work of love.

Grace and Peace, Dakota