Hannah’s Hope was born out of the rich tradition of the Holston Home for Children, which served the West Tennessee area as a child - placing agency from 1985 until 2002. Based in Greenville, Tennessee, and affiliated with the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church, Holston Home for Children had been in operation since 1895, providing assistance to children and families through adoptive services, foster care, parenting, crisis pregnancy and adoption counseling.

hannah s hopeIn order to better attend to the needs of their local area, Holston made the corporate decision in 2002, to close several of their offices outside the bounds of their Conference, with the West Tennessee office being one of these. The Memphis Conference then made the decision to continue with this needed ministry to children and families with the creation of a new and separate agency in 2003, called Hannah’s Hope.

This progressive agency, as a matter of both policy and principle, promotes each person’s ability to develop to their maximum capacity. Hannah’s Hope honors the individual’s right to acceptance, love and membership in a family. Services and programs offered by Hannah’s Hope are inclusive of all persons without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, or religion.

The name, Hannah’s Hope, comes from the biblical story of Hannah who was the childless wife of Elkanah. Hannah prayed fervently to God for a child, and he granted her wish with the birth of Samuel.

The Mission Statement of Hannah’s Hope is “To love God's children by: Helping pregnant women in crisis explore healthy options, providing the option of adopting with a Christian family prepared to parent for a lifetime, and supporting children, pregnant women and families through the adoption process and beyond.” In The Book of Discipline, the Methodist Church affirms our church’s commitment to adoption. It states that children are a gift from God to be welcomed and received. It goes on to explain: “We recognize the agony, strength, and courage of the birth parent(s) who choose(s) in hope, love, and prayer to offer the child for adoption. In addition we affirm the receiving parent(s) desiring an adopted child. We support the use of proper legal procedures.”

The Hannah’s Hope website includes this quote from Leigh Ann Tuohy. You might remember her as the legal guardian of Michael Oher whose story was popularized in the movie “The Blind Side.” Tuohy states: “Families don’t have to match. You don’t have to look like someone else to love them. There are wonderful kids all over this country who need a forever family. We believe there are no unwanted kids, just unfound families.”

Please join us in Hannah’s Hope. It is an important mission of the United Methodist Church.

The Mission Team