Through your support, UMCOR is able to provide assistance for survivors of human trafficking, funding health and development projects that alleviate hunger and poverty, holistic community - based health programs, and access to clean water and sanitation. This is just a sampling of the good works that gifts like yours make possible. Thank you for giving so generously.

Through The Advance, the designated giving channel of The United Methodist Church, 100 percent of your contribution will go to Undesignated — UMCOR, Advance #999895. Your gift received 5/3/17 of $1,522 is supporting programs that fight hunger and poverty, assist the displaced, and respond to disasters. Giving through The Advance enables United Methodists to partner with one another in mission and ministry around the world. Thank you for joining with us to “Be Hope” to those who desperately need it.

Please let us know if you have questions and/or concerns as we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. You can reach the Gift Processing Unit at 404 - 460 - 7489. You can find out more about UMCOR’s work by visiting our website at To receive weekly updates about UMCOR’s work, sign up on our website for the UMCOR Hotline, a weekly email about the latest happenings at UMCOR