This past Sunday we celebrated the Day of Pentecost (referred to by many as the birthday of the church.) We had a wonderful celebration. Did you notice anything different in the sanctuary? Perhaps you noticed the tongues of fire that followed the Processional Cross as we sang our processional hymn. You may have noticed the banners in the sanctuary - 4 symbols were displayed. A red banner with a dove symbolic of Pentecost, a white banner with a chalice symbolic of communion, a green banner with the symbol A Ω, and another banner with the sign of the Trinity.

Each of these banners is symbolic of the season that we are entering. We have concluded our Easter feast with the 50 days of Easter and are now entering into the season of Ordinary Time, Common Time, sometimes referred to as Kingdomtide. This Sunday we will celebrate Trinity Sunday. Pay particular attention to the movements we make in worship: the prayers we pray, the songs we sing, the words we say. Each of these movements is chosen intentionally. May you be richly blessed each time we gather for worship.

Grace and Peace, Dakota