Upcoming Dates:
4/18 -UMYF, 6-7 pm
4/21 -Dayspring, 6:30-7:30 pm

In UMYF we are going through our Afterlife study. Our study focuses on what happened to three individuals that knew Jesus - after the resurrection.Last week we talked about John and how in John 1 he writes that what he learned from the cross is that God is a God of love.

This week we are talking about Mary Magdalene. As a woman in ministry, I really enjoy the stats we have on her. Mary appears in all four gospels, and all four say she was the first person to see Jesus’ post resurrection. If last week was all about how John was loved, this week is all about how Mary matters. She is an important person in the story of Jesus, and the early church. Mary’s story matters, Mary matters, and she was an invaluable part of the task Jesus left for us to do.

Key word: Us. We matter too. We are living in this post—Easter world, and we have a purpose and are part of how God is working in the world. Not only are we loved, but we are important people in God’s ministry. Every single one of us. No matter our profession, or social circles, or confidence in carrying out this grand mission -we matter. We weren’t meant to inherit the church, we were meant to BE the church. Most of us can think of some people that really mattered in our faith walk, and we get to be that person for others.