In 2018, Dyersburg First United Methodist Church sent a team to Mika, Tanzania to build the walls of a church. A team of eight (3 youth and 5 adults) was to return in July, 2020 to complete the roof of the church, but was unable to return due to COVID-19. Since 2018, the members of the church in the tiny village of Mika only gather in the building when it is not raining. During the rainy season they are unable to gather in their church since they have no roof!

 The roof costs $5,000, and there are people in Mika who are able to build it if they had the money. Thanks to the spearheading efforts of the Koinonia Sunday School Class, Dyersburg First United Methodist Church funded a well that serves not only Mika but also surrounding communities as well! Let us finish the project that we started by funding the roof. UPDATE: Due to the generous contributions of the FUMC congregation during the month of March, we raised a total of $3,030.00 from our communion offering and combining that with some money left over from the well and some budgeted Mission Team’s funds a $5,000 check was sent to Mika, Tanzania for the costs of completing the roof. Please see the thank you note below:
“On behalf of the Mika church community, I would like
to express our sincere gratitude for this important
donation that will change the life of the church and the
surroundings! May God bless you richly!”