Dear Dyersburg FUMC,
I apologize that Sunday's worship did not include the Mission Moment.You will have the opportunity this Sunday, March 14, to leave your Communion offering on the rail as you exit the Sanctuary.Our focus for March is our sister church in Mika, Tanzania.You can read more about this project below.

Mary Beth Bernheisel, Senior Pastor

 For several years Dyersburg First United Methodist Church has been involved with the work of the church in Mika, Tanzania through our missionary Eric Soard. In 2018, Dyersburg FUMC sent a team to Mika, Tanzania to work with Eric. While there, the team helped to construct a church building and planned to return in the Summer of 2020 to complete the floor and the roof.Upon the team's return from Mika, the Koinonia Sunday School Class spearheaded the efforts to fund a well that serves not only Mika but also surrounding communities! By producing 6,000 liters of water per hour, it saves the folks in the village miles of walking each day to obtain water for drinking and household use.The next major improvements that are sorely needed are the floor and the roof that were scheduled for construction during our 2020 mission trip that was canceled due to the pandemic. Since 2018, the members of the church in the tiny village of Mika only gather in the building when it is not raining. During the rainy season they are unable to gather in their church since they have no roof! The roof will cost $5,000, and there are people in Mika who are able to build it if they had the money. March’s communion offering will be directed to this project. Let us finish the project that we started by funding the roof with our donations to this month’s mission project.

Your Mission Team