Ed White, Senior Pastor
Dell King, Associate Pastor
The Congregation, Ministers

Glimpses of Easter Grace and Truth...To print newsletters like this one, our offices had for years used a duplicator which, even when we got it; it was old, used, and almost worn out. Using everything from bailing wire to duct tape, plus some “daddy-taught-me-how skills,” Karen used it until its final copy in late 2016. After Trustees carefully bought the right replacement, we discovered over a hundred dollars worth of ink cartridges which wouldn’t fit the new model. Then one Wednesday afternoon, Jarred Lowrance walked into our office asking if he could help us with something on Wednesday afternoons.

Jarrod went through a lengthy process of doing a write-up, taking photos and finally listing the ink cartridges for sale on Craigslist, then on eBay. After 7-8 weeks with no success, we finally moved to Plan B. Jarrod and one of our parents had a conference call with the manufacturer, to ask if they might have a customer who could use the cartridges. We explained that at this point, we had decided that giving them to someone would be better than throwing them away. Our next conference call was with a regional distributor who guided us to his one customer who still used that type of cartridge. Despite the fact that our giving his customer the cartridges would cost him a sale of ink cartridges, he was pleased they’d go to good use and also help his customer. He put us in contact with Bill Bowden of Fentress Printing in east Tennessee.

Mr. Bowden was glad to be on a conference call with a middle school youth who was trying to “do the right thing,” so he asked us to please mail him the cartridges. He said he would like to send us a check, saying that he was sure the church youth group could use the money to do something around the church or community. He also said that he and his wife are also part of a United Methodist Church there. Jarred boxed up the cartridges, wrote a Thank-You letter and let the US Postal Service handle the rest. Earlier this week, we received a check from Mr. Bowden. Of course, we will let Jarred and his youth leaders decide where best to spend it. But all of us can celebrate the perseverance of a youth, the willingness of one of our parents to work alongside a youth and the grace of God which brings about a connection between a Christian youth in Dyersburg and another Christian on the other end of the state who also wanted to do the right thing. What a perfect time to celebrate this—in a week that started with us Confirming sixth graders into our Middle School Youth group and that ends next Sunday as we send high school seniors out into the world.

This one week should remind us all of the hundreds, maybe thousands, of times that the loving fingerprints of our church family have molded youth around here. It is a blessing to work alongside all of you who love these youth into God’s best and brightest future for them, for us and for the world.

Sincerely glad to serve Christ alongside you: Ed, Dell and the First UMC Family