Hello Families! 

We're so excited to be going back in person this Sunday (1/17). We'll have Children's Church during the 10 am service. We'll also have Blankets from 6-7pm in the Fellowship Hall. During both times, there will be a virtual option set up through the regular Zoom Call, and if you have questions please contact me and I'll help you set it up. 6th Graders please make sure to check with Mary Beth on your Confirmation schedule. 

K-5th Families:
- During Blankets we will be doing choir and lesson rotations, again. K-2nd will sing and then have lessons. 3rd-5th will have lesson first and then Choir. -Everyone will be done at 7pm and picked up from the Fellowship Hall Door. 

Quick Note:
For Children's Church Pickup, we're asking everyone to pick up their children from the outside Fellowship Hall door, as if you were picking them up at night. We're asking for your cooperation with this as we're attempting to control the amount of people in the Sanctuary after service. 

Also please be on the lookout, in the mail (or on Sunday) for our new Well-Child Policy, all about helping to keep each other safe and healthy. 

V olunteers:
If you would like to volunteer with KidMin, please email me (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) so I can get your availability and get a schedule set up as soon as possible for the starting back of group specific teachers. 

Peace & Grace Tori Armstrong Director of Children's Ministry 

Phone: 731-285-6454