Dear Dyersburg FUMC Family, 

It’s not the Advent we hoped for, but I am so grateful for the assurance that no matter the circumstances, God will be present with us and speak to us, just as God has been present throughout the ages. Over the last two weeks in worship, we have heard the messages to “Keep Awake!” and “Get Ready!” This Sunday we will hear the words of Mary who joyfully and enthusiastically welcomed her role in ushering God’s kingdom to earth. 

The great reformer Martin Luther taught that every home is a church, and that when children live at home, mothers and fathers are the priests of the household, teaching the children how to be Christians by word and by example. We hope that the Advent Boxes we have made available will facilitate the experience of church at home, whether you have a house full of children or whether you live by yourself. We pray that the plum pudding nourished (or will nourish!) you in body and soul—a reminder of the church that seeks to feed you with God’s Word. We pray that the Advent candles and the devotions have created a sense of anticipation for you, not simply for the presents under the tree on Christmas morning, but for the coming of God in the flesh to change the world forever. 

We are still finalizing plans for Christmas Eve, but our intention is to celebrate in person. Please be on the lookout for details as we make them available. 

I continue to pray for each of you and am grateful that you hold one another close in prayer and in love. This is the season when we remember that God saw fit to put on human flesh and dwell among us, and I am humbled and glad to serve with a congregation that seeks to be the presence of God to one another and to the world. 

With great love, Mary Beth