UMYF, Sunday, December 13, 6 p.m. 

This week in UMYF we have a lot going on! This is the second week of our advent study, and we are having our Christmas Lights Party! This past Sunday in their small groups, our youth came up with different ways to spread Christmas Joy!

This upcoming Sunday we are going to put these into action and make our 2020 Christmas party all about sharing the light of Christmas! 

Our focus for our small groups this week is Luke 2:1-20 NIV. It contains a verse that we want to put in action. After the Angel departs from telling the Shepherds about the birth of Jesus, they have a discussion where they decide they need to go see for themselves. Last week we talked about our expectations of Jesus and how they started with his very name, which means God is with us. Now the youth are going to try to make sense of going and seeing for themselves. So our phrase this week is: Go see for yourself

Do you remember the first time your faith became your own? Or when you made your mind up to follow Christ? It can happen at all stages of life. It can happen at any time. It can be a huge decision or it can be a gradual shift in how you think about faith. No matter how it looked, at some point your relationship with Christ transformed from following the beliefs and traditions of those before you into something more personal. You began to develop your own theology. Your faith became more personal. You began to engage with God in why, and you were no longer reciting what you had heard or learned but what you were in that moment learning and believing. This week in youth we will begin to take a close look at that phrase: Go see for yourself, and try to think about what that looks like in our own lives. 

In my first class in seminary, the professor walked in and asked us to raise our hands if we knew our parent’s faith story. There were three students out of thirty that raised their hands. My challenge to our congregation today is to share your faith story. Share the moment where you chose to go see for yourself who Jesus is with one of the people in your life.