In 2018, Dyersburg FUMC sent a team to Mika, Tanzania to work with Eric and Liz Soard, missionaries from the Memphis Annual Conference. While there, the team helped to construct a church building and planned to return in the Summer of 2020 to complete the floor and the roof. 

Upon the team's return from Mika, the Holy Spirit put it on the hearts of the people of Dyersburg FUMC to raise money for a well to be constructed on the grounds of the church that the team had helped build. A well which would save the folks in the village miles of walking each day to obtain water for drinking and household use. After faithful fundraising and persistent prayer, this project is nearly complete. 

The well, pictured below, produces 6,000 liters of water per hour, which is enough to meet the needs of the Mika community and surrounding area. 

Thanks be to God for leading the faithful people of Dyersburg FUMC for being the church in the most fundamental and faithful ways! page3image45602288