Dear Dyersburg FUMC Family, 

I hope you have learned as much from our Sermon on the Mount sermon series and have enjoyed it as much as I have. I imagine that I’ll never read it—or the Gospel of Matthew—the same way ever again. I have also loved the opportunity to engage in Bible Study with all of you, and am so grateful to those of you who have embarked on this journey whether virtually or in person. 

As the weather cools and the leaves fall, we turn toward our season of stewardship, anticipate celebrating the saints who have gone before us, prepare to hear the professions of faith of four faithful young women, and look toward the season of Advent. While we don’t yet know what all of the celebrations will look like, I am grateful that we are assured of two things. The first is that God has already gone ahead of us and will greet us at every moment in the future. The second is that the best days of Dyersburg FUMC are yet to come. Creating a future filled with hope and promise is God’s specialty, and I am in awe every day that God continues to give us work to do and a community to serve. 

Last Sunday afternoon we had our annual Charge Conference in which 13 of us joined our District Superintendent, Rev. Dr. Cynthia Davis, for a virtual celebration of the ministries of our congregation. As I looked at the faces on my computer and all of the love and ministries that they represent, I was overwhelmed with gratitude. We only had a short time to meet with Dr. Davis, but had we had longer I would have told story after story, bragging on the creativity and compassion and love and joy that each of those present bring to the ministries of Dyersburg FUMC. 

It is my joy to serve God with you in the hope of Jesus and the unity of the Holy Spirit. 

With gratitude, Mary Beth