Dear Dyersburg FUMC, 

I am praying for you all and miss you terribly! I find that those moments when I catch sight of folks from the church at the park or in the grocery store, or even driving by in their cars, are all wonderful and sweet surprises! 

This morning, I had the wonderful opportunity to be on a Zoom call with members of our Discipleship Team. They came up with a number of creative ways for us to connect with each other, both face-to-face while physically distanced (for those who are comfortable with that), and using the gifts of technology for those who are more comfortable staying apart for the time being. Be sure to look for communication from the Discipleship Team about those opportunities for connection. 

We are looking forward to celebrating Senior Sunday virtually through recorded worship this Sunday, May 17. If the weather cooperates, plan to worship together in the parking lot on May 24. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything you need from your church family. Remember the power of a quick phone call, a text, a porch present, or a card to brighten someone’s day. God uses those gentle connections to strengthen faint hearts and encourage weary souls. 

I pray for laughter in your life this week as you glimpse some beautiful new thing that God is doing! 

Believing in God’s grace with you, Mary Beth