Over 10,000 people turn sixty-five in America each day. We are in the beginning of the largest bubble of retirement aged citizens in the history of our society. This growth in seniors will continue well into the next decade. In fact, the population of sixty-five plus will outnumber under twenty-five in that time span. 

Golden Cross Senior Ministries exists to enhance the quality of life for all seniors served by Wesley Living. That mission is fulfilled by providing material support and social capital to almost 2,200 senior residents who call one of the Wesley Living twenty-nine affordable housing independent living retirement communities and two assisted living communities their home. These communities stretch from Jonesboro, AR throughout West Tennessee and Murray, KY. 

The current average age of the residents is 74 years old, and the average income is at or just below the national poverty level. A great number of the residents served have outlived their finances, some have outlived their families and a heartbreaking number have outlived both. Material support is provided individually for specific individual resident needs including interventions for formerly homeless seniors. Furniture, clothing, food and the most basic of daily use household items are provided. 

Social capital consists of social and/or community entertainment events and parties. These community events promote healthy social interactions and involvement. Lives are truly transformed one need at a time. 

A very compelling aspect of GOLDEN CROSS Senior Ministries is that 100% of all monies donated goes directly for the benefit of these senior residents. No operational expenses are derived from these donations. Golden Cross is set up so that individual donations by our Board of Trustees and net proceeds from our annual Golf Classic provide the financial resources to operate Golden Cross. This unique promise that all donations will directly benefit the seniors in need is very attractive to our donors. 

Current Golden Cross initiatives include: the Resident’s Fund which supplies financial resources for material support and social capital, the Homeless Interventions which provides remedies to seniors who are homeless, and the Personal Support Services Scholarship which provides personal care and support services to the most “frail” of our residents. There is also an Endowment Fund where the principle stays intact and only the interest is used. Therefore, a legacy gift to this fund ensures the long-term ability of Golden Cross to fulfill its mission. 

Please give generously this Communion Sunday and help Golden Cross achieve its mission of enhancing the life of seniors because no one should ever have to travel life’s journey alone! 

The FUMC Missions Team (Information provided by David Kabakoff, President/ Chief Development Officer GOLDEN CROSS Senior Ministries)