*Due to Covid-19 and after careful consideration, the church has decided to cancel this year’s 2021 Upward season.*

Our church began the Upward Basketball and Cheer program in 2008 for children in Kindergarten through 4th grade as an Outreach Program specifically designed to introduce Jesus Christ to children by creating opportunities for people to serve through sports.

The first year there were 93 participants; second year there were 147; the third year there were 225 and the program has currently averaged 250-260 participants during the last five years.

Players are participating from all areas of West Tennessee. After player evaluations, the players are placed on teams by a computer to make sure skill levels are evenly distributed.

UPWARD emphasizes having fun and displaying good sportsmanship, not the scoreboard and standings. Every child plays. Every child learns. Every child is a winner!

The goals of UPWARD are to:
• Promote character and self-esteem in every child
• Provide an evaluation system that promotes equal teams and opportunities
• Establish a family-friendly policy of a one-hour practice and game each week
• Allow every child equal playing time
• Create the opportunity for every child to learn the skills of the game
• Allow each child to connect with God and others

Practices start in December and games start in January of the following year through February.

For more information about our Upward program (registration, practice or game schedules), please call the church’s Family Life Center at 731-285-4794.