Get Ready! It’s Coming!
Genesis Sunday
A Church Wide celebration as we begin GIFT Growing IFaith Together

August 5th, 9 am - Fellowship Hall 

Renew Fellowship - An opportunity to visit with members of our church family who may not be in our Sunday School Class or sit close to us during morning worship. 

Showcase Sunday School Classes– An opportunity for: 

  • Anyone not currently connected to a Sunday School 
    class to find one or more classes to visit.
  •  All of us to learn about all the classes available so we can help visitors, new members, or unconnected existing members find a class that’s a good fit for them.
  • Us to invite classmates who have been gone for awhile to “come on back!” 
    Introduce Small Groups - An opportunity to sign up for small groups which will start in September. There will be women, men, and co-ed groups available, meeting on Wednesday or Sunday evenings.