On behalf of the Worship Team, as we complete the Easter Cycle of the Christian year, (Lent-Easter- Pentecost), we wanted to continue our conversation about the changes you may notice in the colors used for the paraments and other decorations in the sanctuary in the coming weeks. 

We are now beginning what the church calls Ordinary Time, also known as Kingdomtide. After each cycle in the Christian year, there is an Ordinary Time of growth. This is symbolized by the color Green and is meant to be a time to reflect on doing the work of God’s kingdom and growing spiritually. The Book of Worship states that, Green, is a color of growth, used in the Seasons After the Epiphany and After Pentecost, except when special days call for white or red. The use of the different colors throughout the seasons of the church help structure our worship services and bring meaning and beauty to our services. 

Kingdomtide blessings, FUMC Worship Team