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Administrative and Program Teams

First United Methodist Church


Discipleship Team


The Discipleship Team discerns, creates, and evaluates spiritual growth opportunities for church members and constituents, as well as the larger Dyersburg community.  These opportunities may include but are not limited to small groups, Sunday School classes, and Bible Studies. 


Worship Team

The Worship Team works closely with the Director of Music and Worship Arts to create worship opportunities that meet the spiritual needs of the congregation and the wider community.  These opportunities may include but are not limited to Sunday Worship, evening worship, Holy Week Services, Christmas Eve worship, and other special worship services.


Evangelism Team

The Evangelism Team discerns, creates, and evaluates opportunities for outreach into the community to communicate and show God’s love and concern for all people with an eye toward bringing people into the church and forming a relationship with the congregation. 

Missions Team

The Missions Team discerns, creates, and evaluates opportunities for the entire congregation to witness to God’s love through serving the community and the world.  Recent efforts include significant financial assistance to our sister church in Mika, TZ and the creation of a laundry room for community use.


Preschool Board

The Preschool Board acts in an advisory position to the Preschool Director and as a liaison between the congregation and the Preschool.



The Trustees are charged with supervising and maintaining the physical property of the church, and financial gifts made to the congregation.



The Finance committee is charged with proposing a church budget, as well as raising, managing, and distributing the financial resources of the congregation to support and strengthen the mission and ministry of the church.  The Finance team is also charged with creating and carrying out an annual Stewardship Campaign.


Staff Parish Relations Team

The SPRC is charged with encouraging, strengthening, nurturing, and supporting the pastor and staff, as well as their families. It recommends staff positions and develops and approves job descriptions for all positions.  It conducts annual performance evaluations for all staff and is the main contact for the District Superintendent regarding pastoral appointments.


Lay Leadership Team

The Lay Leadership Team creates ways for congregation members to identify and use their spiritual gifts, and invites people to positions of spiritual leadership.


Congregational Care

The Congregational Care Team works closely with the pastor to discern and care for the physical and spiritual needs of the congregation, particularly those who are not able to attend church regularly.  The Team creates fellowship opportunities and offers compassionate care to those who need financial assistance, meals, and particular attention during times of grief.


Communications Team

The Communications Team is responsible for internal and external congregational communication, including livestreaming services and special events, and maintaining a vital social media presence.


Lay Leader

The Lay Leader represent the laity of the congregation and works closely with the pastor to assess needs and concerns of the overall congregation


Church Council Chair

The Church Council Chair leads the Church Council in planning, setting goals, implementing, and evaluating ministry to fulfill the mission and vision of the congregation.


Lay Member of Annual Conference

The Lay Members of Annual Conference attend annual conference sessions and communicate the actions of the annual conference to the congregation.

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